The Instrument. A Partner.

Every musician, be it beginner or virtuoso, needs an instrument that complements his musical goals.

It should not only be appropriate to the player’s needs and abilities to allow for continued musical development but also suit his personal preferences in terms of sound quality, playability and even aesthetics.


In addition to our own handcrafted instruments, we offer a selection of new violins, violas and cellos for students and hobby musicians. These instruments are produced in German, Belgian or American manufactories. At our atelier, we put them in good playing condition and optimise the sound.


Choosing the right instrument can take time. With our extensive expertise in this area, we can help you find a new instrument that you will treasure for years to come. We are always happy to assist you.



Our shop only carries new instruments. Therefore, we cannot purchase used instruments or take them in on consignment.

If, instead, you are interested in purchasing a master instrument handcrafted in our atelier, please visit the page MAKING for more information.

We carry instruments from several makers, including "HENRI DELILLE", "EZABEL", "GEWA", "HEINRICH GILL" and "JAY HAIDE":

Violins in Size: from 1/16 until 3/4

Full Size Violins (4/4)


Violoncellos in Size: from 1/8 until 3/4

Violoncellos in 7/8 and Full Size (4/4)

from 650,- EUR*

from 950,- EUR*

from 1.200,- EUR*

from 1.800,- EUR*

from 2.300,- EUR*

(*All prices are for an adjusted and ready-to-play instrument. Bow and case/bag not included. All prices incl. VAT 20%.)

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