The Bow. The Breath of a String Player.

The bow – like the instrument – must fit to the player. Every bow is unique, regardless of the price category.


We offer a selection of fine bows from the traditional German workshop "Roderich Paesold".


Choosing the right bow can take time. With our extensive experience in this area, we can help you find a new bow that you will treasure for years to come. We are always happy to assist you.



Our shop only carries new bows. Therefore, we cannot purchase used bows or take them in on consignment.

Our atelier offers a wide range of bows for you to test and compare.


Occasionally, we also have bows from the master bowmaker Thomas M. Gerbeth in our selection. 

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Ziegelofengasse 6/Top 11-12

A-1040 Vienna


Phone: +43-1-966 1756

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