Accessories. Often underestimated.

The right accessories can help prevent poor posture.

The use of a special shoulder rest or chinrest can be of great importance for violinists and violists. Such accessories not only have an impact on ease of playing and good violin technique, but can also ensure physical comfort and good posture to avoid injuries. For example, the musician’s body should be able to move freely with no unnecessary tension.


At our atelier, we offer expert advice on posture and accessories. Our selection of chinrests includes special height-adjustable chinrests from the company Reiner Wilfer, which can be an ideal solution for players with a moderately long neck.


Feel free to ask us about your special situation. And remember: it is not normal to experience pain or discomfort when playing a stringed instrument!


We stock a wide selection of accessories for stringed instruments: from rosin, Dampit humidifiers and mutes to Black Hole floor protectors and wolf note eliminators for cellists.

Alpine Mute - mute for violins and violas
Alpine Mute - mute for violins and violas

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